About Otorento.com - Turkey's Car Rental Network

Otorento.com – Turkey’s Car Rental Network

We have combined 20 years of experience in Turkey car rental market with technology, innovation and design’s power to create Otorento.com. We are working with local leading suppliers to provide the all-inclusive and best rates in car rental. We are very much focused on the customer’s experience to make car rental easy, safe with best quality/price ratio. No need to search for the suppliers and waste your time in each region. You need only 2 minutes to rent your car in Turkey.   

We are providing a wide range of availability together with an easy, safe rental experience and best rates.

Wide Range of Availability in Car Rental Turkey

Since we are the roof organization for the leading car rental agencies in Turkey, there is no need to waste your time to search a car in many rental agencies. We have already searched the best cars and rates for you to let you choose from many options. Otorento is providing you the platform to see all your options in a certain location with only one click. You just enter where and when you would like to pick up and drop off the car and we do the rest for you. Just click on the right car for you and it is yours for that period of time.  

Innovative Car Rental in Turkey

We have changed some of the implementations in traditional car rental in Turkey to create a better customer experience.

Firstly, what you see on Otorento.com is what you get. In many car rental agencies, you will just choose a car group and you will never know which car will be provided. This is not the case in Otorento.com. What you see as the car to be rented on your screen will be provided to you. 

Secondly, we have changed another common traditional approach in car rental in Turkey. No extra documents like promissory note etc. You just need your driving licence, credit card and your passport. No extra charges or fees will be requested.

Thirdly, we are hiring only new cars. All cars are 3 years old or younger. You will feel the experience of driving a new car. You are able to see the model year of the car when you choose your car from all the available options. 

Easy Car Rental Online in Turkey

Our first priority was user navigation while designing Otorento.com. You just need 2 minutes to hire a car on Otorento.com. There are only 4 steps to rent a car. You just need to specify where and when to hire the car at the first step. You will see all car options as listed on the second step. You may filter to select the best car you like. If you like to have some add-ons (baby seat, extra driver etc.) you may add them at the third step. You need to enter your personal and credit card information in the last step. Now you have rented the car and it is booked for you.

If you like to pickup or drop off the car at a certain address (hotel, workplace etc.) then what you just need to do is to click on the “I would like to pick up at my address” and/or “I would like to drop off at my address” options at the second step.  

You are able to rent the car with your credit card online. For the other payment options you may contact us via e-mail info@otorento.com.

Safe Car Rental in Turkey

All cars on Otorento.com have rental insurance policy and go under periodic maintenance. We make sure that you are going to pick up a clean car.

To make sure that you will receive a certain quality, we periodically review the quality of the suppliers with a quality standard that we have called rentoquality.

Credit card transactions are being held through leading banks (Vakifbank and Finansbank) and your credit card information is between you and your bank and we never intervene and store it. All credit cards having Mastercard or Visa logo are acceptable. 

Best Rates in Car Rental in Turkey

Otorento.com is a car rental platform. Competition between car rental suppliers is directly pushing the prices downwards. You will get good quality with a better price. When rental period is longer, you will get much less prices. You will also get unbelievable prices during promotion periods. On top of that, Otorento.com is providing all-inclusive car rental prices. All insurances, pick up and drop off services, taxes and add-ons (if you have chosen) are included in the prices. There is no extra charge to be applied during pick up or drop off.  

Car Rental Locations in Turkey

Our network throughout Turkey is extending almost every week. 

Check out our current car rental destinations.

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