Car Rental Conditions in Turkey

Driver’s Age and Driving Licence

All international driving licences are valid. Drivers must be at least 21 years old and at most 75 years old to rent a car in Turkey. To rent a car in Mini and Economy groups, you must be at least 21 and you need to have a driving licence of 2 years. Standard and Premium Car Groups requires 3 years of driving licence and age of 25. Luxury and Vehicle groups can only be hired by drivers above 28 and having a driving licence of at least 3 years. Please check the information you have provided in order not to have any problems during pick up.  

Additional Driver

Rental car may be driven by an additional driver apart from the main driver. Charge apply to the additional driver and you need to select it during your booking. Additional drivers are also obeyed to the rules for the main driver in terms of age and driving license years. In case of an accident, while a non-registered driver is driving the car the rental car insurances will bevoid.

Minimum Car Rental Period

Minimum car rental period is 1 day and 1 day is interpreted as 24 hours. Any car rentals less than 24 hours will be considered as 1 day.


The published prices are including your choice of rental vehicle, VAT, legal liability and damage insurance and add ons checked. 

Costs such as fuel and personal accident insurances, extra options (which has not been bought during booking) is not included in the published prices.  

KM Mileage

KM Mileage limit is listed on each car at the related web page. If it is specified as No Limit, then there is limit on mileage. If there is a limit on mileage, extra km's will be charged as 0,50 TL (0,15 EUR) per extra km.  


As the last step of the car rental, all the rental amount or a pre-payment amount will be charged based on your selection. You may pay with Mastercard/VISA credit card, Bank Transfer or PayPal. For other payment options, please contact us via e-mail.

There is no extra charge during the collection of the car.


During pick-up, you will need to present a credit card which has at least 200 EUR in available funds in it. Keep in mind that debit cards or cash is not accepted. You will be denied for car rental if you do not have a credit card for the deposit.Deposit is for probable traffic and parking fines. Your deposit will be released in 15 working days after drop off. 


There are conditions that insurance policies to be valid. There should be no alcohol or drug at the time of accident, no speed limit violence, no additional driver other than specified one, and no drive out of the main roads. You need to get alcohol-drug free report from the nearest hospital and submit it to the rental suppliers in 48 hours.

Flight Information

It is important that you provide the flight information during booking. If flight information is not available at the time of booking, please send it 24 hours before the pick up to the e-mail address. Entering the flight information will help us to welcome you on time and right place.

Pickup and Drop Off the Vehicle

You need to have a valid driving licence, a valid credit card and a valid ID to be able to pick up the car. You need pick up the car at the address specified on the voucher and drop off accordingly. Delays of 1 hour is accepted. Delays more than 1 hour may be charged by the rental supplier.

Late Return: Late returns are handled in the contract between renter and rental supplier.

Early Returns: There is no reimbursement when the car is returned early.


When you return the car, fuel tank need to be at the same level of the pickup. There is no reimbursement if the car has more fuel.  If fuel is missing partially, you will be charged by the rental supplier.

Toll Magnetic Stickers (HGS/OGS)

Rental Cars have Toll Magnetic Stickers (HGS/OGS) on them. The charge policy is 2 EUR service fee plus "pay only for what you use". There is no upfront fee or charge for HGS/OGS. During drop off, You will be asked to pay only the amount that you have used for HGS/OGS plus 2 EUR service charge. 

Car Specifications

Otorento is unique in terms of providing the same car that you have booked. In some cases, (mechanical problems, damage to the car, late returns etc.) another car in the same or higher group will be provided to you by the rental supplier.

Cross Border Driving

Rental cars in Turkey can only be driven in Turkey.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your reservation till 24 hours before your rental start. 15 EUR cancellation charge will be applied and remaining payment will be charged back to your credit card. If there is less than 24 hours before your rental start, you may still cancel your rental. In this case, 1 day rental fee will be charged and the remaining payment will be charged back to your credit card.