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Citroen Elysee
Citroen Elysee

05.05.2024 14:00

20.05.2024 02:00

13.60 </i>EUR

Fiat Fiorino
Fiat Fiorino

05.05.2024 14:00

20.05.2024 02:00

13.60 </i>EUR

Fiat Egea
Fiat Egea

05.05.2024 14:00

20.05.2024 02:00

13.60 </i>EUR

Renault Clio
Renault Clio

05.05.2024 14:00

20.05.2024 02:00

13.60 </i>EUR

Ford Tourneo Courier
Ford Tourneo Courier

05.05.2024 14:00

20.05.2024 02:00

13.60 </i>EUR

Fiat Doblo
Fiat Doblo

05.05.2024 14:00

20.05.2024 02:00

13.60 </i>EUR

Renault Clio 4
Renault Clio 4

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

18.72 </i>EUR

Opel Corsa
Opel Corsa

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

18.72 </i>EUR

Renault Express
Renault Express

23.04.2024 10:15

27.04.2024 10:15

19.15 </i>EUR

Citroen C Elysee
Citroen C Elysee

23.04.2024 10:15

27.04.2024 10:15

19.53 </i>EUR

Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

19.56 </i>EUR

Renault Clio III HB
Renault Clio III HB

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

20.36 </i>EUR

Dacia Sandero
Dacia Sandero

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

20.36 </i>EUR

Citroen C3
Citroen C3

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

20.36 </i>EUR

Renault Taliant
Renault Taliant

22.04.2024 07:00

28.04.2024 07:00

20.83 </i>EUR

Renault Clio 5
Renault Clio 5

23.04.2024 10:15

27.04.2024 10:15

21.29 </i>EUR

Istanbul Airport Driving Tips

Istanbul Airport General Information

Istanbul Airport is located on the European side of Istanbul, between the villages of Tavakadin and Akpınar. The IATA code is IST and the ICAO code is LTFM. When all stages are completed, it will be the largest airport in Europe. The airport, which aims to serve 200 million passengers annually, has received many awards with its modern appearance and architecture. The airport is operated by IGA. As of the end of 2019, Kalyon has 35%, Cengiz İnşaat 25%, Mapa 20% and Limak 20% shares in İGA. Istanbul Airport, whose foundation was laid on June 7, 2014, was put into service on October 29, 2018. İGA took over the operation of the airline for 25 years.

Istanbul Airport General Image< /div>

Due to the geographical advantages of Turkey and Istanbul, it is in a very convenient location to be a transfer hub between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, and between the Far East and Europe. In this respect, it serves as the epicenter of Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to the most countries in the world.

The airport, which was awarded the outstanding innovation award in the Leisure Lifestyle awards of Global Traveler, one of the magazines that steer the tourism industry, looks more like a giant shopping and living center than an airport.

Where is Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul Airport is adjacent to the Black Sea on the European side of Istanbul. It extends to Çatalcaya on one side and Arnavutköy on the other. It is located very close to Kemerburgaz and Göktürk, which are among the popular residential centers of Istanbul. It is located on the European side, 36 km from Şişli and Beşiktaş, and 40 km from Taksim. Located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, it is 52 km from Kadıköy and 47 km from Üsküdar. It is also located at the junction point of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway.

Istanbul Airport Transportation Guide

(Last Updated: 14 December 2020)

You can reach the city center from Istanbul Airport by using IETT Buses and Havaist vehicles. To reach Çorlu, Tekirdağ and Edirne city centers from Istanbul Airport, you can use the facilities offered by the Istanbul Seyahat bus company. It is also possible to reach the city center by taxi. Taxi fare is a bit expensive, as Istanbul city center and Istanbul Airport are approximately 40 km away.

havaist map< /div>
Istanbul Airport Airist Lines and Prices
Line Code Destination Fees
HVIST-5 Esenler Bus Station 23 TL
HVIST-6 Halkalı - Beylikdüzü 28 TL
HVIST-7 Beylikdüzü - Çatalca 23 TL
HVIST-8 Avcilar - Bahcesehir 23 TL
HVIST-9 Kadıköy - Tepeüstü 32 TL
HVIST-10 Pendik - Sabiha Gökçen 37 TL
HVIST-12 Beyazit - Aksaray 30 TL
HVIST-13 Bakırköy - Yenibosna 26 TL
HVIST-14 Taksim - Beşiktaş 30 TL
istanbul airport iett lines
IETT Buses Istanbul Airport Lines
Line Code Destination
H-1 Mahmutbey Metro
H-2 Mecidiyeköy
H-3 Ringed
H-6 Albania
H-8 Hacıosman/Sarıyer
H-9 Cevizlibağ - Bus Station
Istanbul Travel Bus Company Schedules and Prices
Destination Fees
Corlu Heavy Maintenance 60 TL
Tekirdag Bus Station 60 TL
Lüleburgaz Bus Station 70 TL
Babaeski Bus Station 80 TL
Edirne Bus Station 90 TL

Reaching by Private Vehicle

If you want to reach Istanbul airport with your private car, you can get directions by using Yandex Navigation and Google Maps applications. We would like to remind you that you should consider that parking prices start from 25 TL from the first 30 minutes, and if you use the Marmara Motorway, the extra highway fees will affect your costs.

There are different route options for those who will travel to Istanbul Airport with their private vehicles.​ You can find the distances in the table below. If there is no traffic from anywhere in Istanbul to the airport, it takes at least 1 hour.

Distance to Istanbul Airport City Center
Anatolian Side District Distance to Airport European Side District Distance to Airport
Hunters 50 Km Kavacik 40 Km
Taksim 40 Km Üsküdar 46 Km
Levent 35 Km Kadikoy 51 Km
Maslak 43 Km Pendik 72 Km

Istanbul Airport can also be reached via the Northern Marmara Highway over the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

In the Marmara Region, which has the busiest traffic in Turkey, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway connect Europe to Asia, providing an uninterrupted and comfortable transit opportunity for national and international land transportation. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway offer our drivers a safe, comfortable, easy and fast route to reach Istanbul Airport.


A 24-hour taxi service is provided at Istanbul Airport. Taxis operate in different prices and segments, including Orange (Economic), Blue (Middle Class) and Black (Luxury).

If you want to take a taxi, you can take advantage of the stops on the Departures Floor (2nd Floor) or the stops just outside the exit doors in the Plaza section.

Taxi Prices

You can find the estimated prices for the taxi in the table below. Taksim transportation is given as an example.

Istanbul Airport Taxi Fares
Distance and Taxi Type Duration and Price
Istanbul Airport Distance 40 km
Estimated Travel Time 53 Min.
Burgundy or Yellow Taxi Fare 130 TL
Black or Turquoise Taxi Fare 150 TL

Istanbul Airport Rent a Car Offices

Istanbul airport offers many alternatives for rent a car. You can find all kinds of vehicles, from the most economical vehicles to the most luxurious ones. We recommend that you make your rental online. After you land at the airport, you can rent a car from the car rental offices. The offices of Turkey's largest car rental companies are located on the land side of the arrivals floor of Istanbul Airport. Below are the contact information of the car rental offices.

istanbul airport rent a car offices
Istanbul Airport Rent a Car Firms
Company Name Company Name Company Name Company Name
Avec Avis Budget Castle
Central Comet Line DAB
Enterprise Europcar Garenta Goldcar
Green Motion Hertz Luxury Rent a Car Payless Rent a Car

Otorento is a comparison site for all rent a car companies located at Istanbul New Airport. Car rental companies are usually located in Istanbul Airport. There are many car rental companies on both domestic and international routes. After Atatürk Airport was moved to Istanbul Airport, service began to be provided for all passengers disembarking from aircraft companies such as THY, Atlasglobal and Onur Air, through the rent a car offices located in Istanbul Airport.

As Istanbul Airport is very crowded and busy, it is recommended to book car rental in advance. Istanbul Airport car rental prices are usually cheaper 1 month in advance. You can choose Otorento to rent at affordable prices. You can visit our Istanbul car rental page to find cheap rental cars in Istanbul city center.

The most suitable Istanbul Airport car rental prices are usually possible by renting months in advance. With the online car rental process, it is always possible to find cheap prices. If you want, you can set off with a rental car from Istanbul Airport and return your car at our Izmir Airport Rent a Car office. Likewise, you can leave your rental car at our Antalya Airport Car Rental office. Sometimes, you may need to arrive in Istanbul from the new airport and return your vehicle to our Sabiha Gökçen Airport car rental office.< /p>

Istanbul Airport car rental prices drawn from the database of many car rental companies by Otorento are compared for you. You can find the best rental prices in Otorento. For this, it is enough to specify the features and rental date ranges you request from the search section of the page and choose the most affordable vehicle for you. Afterwards, it can be completed very quickly and easily in 3 steps. At Istanbul airport automatic-gear rental, 7 seater car rental or gasoline or diesel< /a> You can rent a car.

Istanbul Airport Tourism and Transfer Companies

If you want to get a private transfer service from Istanbul Airport to the city center, there are many transfer companies that can offer you this service. At the same time, you can get services such as flight tickets and hotel reservations from these companies. Tourism and transfer companies are also located on the arrivals floor.

Istanbul Airport Tourism and Transfer Companies
Company Name Company Name Company Name
Armada VIP Ayder Tourism Azade Turizm
Pafos Tourism By Coach Equip
Easy Transfer Guler Tourism Hatu Turizm
Hempa Tourism ITEM Travel Mokantur
Murat Shipping Murat Tourism Royalvan
THK Me Yusra Tourism

Istanbul Airport Food and Beverage Venues and Prices

Istanbul Airport is very rich in terms of eating and drinking places. In addition to selections from Turkish and World cuisines, you can get prompt service from places that offer fast food. The quality of service and hygiene in cafes and restaurants are at the highest level. The prices are also in airport dimensions and are several times higher than in the city.

You can relax with pleasure in cafes and patisseries where you can get tea and coffee along with delicious pastries. If you are in a hurry, you can quickly fill your stomach at the bars and kiosks that offer quick snacks.

Istanbul Airport Food and Beverage Places

Istanbul Airport Parking Services and Prices

The car park with a capacity of 40,000 vehicles at Istanbul Airport is the world's largest car park in its field. It consists of a total of 5 blocks, including 1 block with 3 floors and 4 blocks with 7 floors. You can also get valet service on the departure floor of the airport. Valet service fee is 35 TL. Finding the most suitable place for parking in the world's largest underground car park requires special care. It is useful to parse your vehicle by taking into account the floor and door you are going to. Car wash, car hairdresser, tire change, fuel station and vehicle maintenance services are also provided in the parking lot of the airport. If you forget where you parked your vehicle, the infrastructure with 2,500 cameras will help you to detect where your vehicle is.

You can safely leave your car at the parking lot. All vehicles are monitored with a 24/7 camera system. Using the Where is my car application, you can easily find where your car is.

Iga Pass Extra and IGA Pass Premium owners can benefit from valet service and car parks as they wish.

Valet Service :

Valet delivery points :

Departing Passenger floor, opposite door no. 3 – Green Parking Lot P6 Floor

2 different valet delivery points at the entrance of the CIP parking lot,

Incoming passenger opposite gate 9 – Green Parking Lot P3 Floor

Valet Payment Points

Domestic Valet Payment Point at Gate 9

Green Parking Lot P3 Manual Payment Booth

IGA Mobile Application Payment Option

Disabled citizens can use the Istanbul Airport car park free of charge for 15 days if they are in the vehicle and present the necessary documents.

Istanbul Airport Parking Lot Price Tariff
Duration Price
1 Hour 21 TL
1-3 Hours 25 TL
4-6 Hours 39.50 TL
6-12 Hours 47 TL
12-24 Hours 63 TL
24-48 Hours 63 TL + 2.50 TL per hour

Long Term Subscription:

In order to benefit from the short-term subscription fees (4 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days), it is necessary to go to the manual payment counters on the P3 floors of the Red or Green Parking Lot within 1 hour after entering the parking lot and make a subscription. Subscriptions for 4, 7, 15 days can also be made within 1 hour after entering the parking lot, at the automatic payment machines in the parking lot.

4, 7, 15-day subscriptions can also be made from automatic payment points located in Green Parking Lot P3, P2, P5 and P6, Turkuaz Parking Lot P2, P5 and P6 automatic payment points within 1 hour after entering the parking lot.

Istanbul Airport Parking Subscription Prices
Subscription Period Subscription Price
4 Days 145 TL
7 Days 240 TL
15 Days 407 TL
1 Month 444 TL

Cheap Parking Lot Around Istanbul Airport

There are car parks around Istanbul Airport that provide service at cheap prices and take you to the airport by shuttles. Using these parking lots for trips requiring long-term parking offers a serious cost advantage. However, these car parks are usually quite far from the airport and require you to set off very early. You can also choose these parking lots by calculating your cost.

Istpark: IstPark, which is the closest car park to the airport, continues to serve during the pandemic period. It is 10 minutes away by shuttle. The daily price is 25 TL. Location

Istanbul Air Parking Lot: The distance is slightly longer than Istpark. It has a travel distance of about 15 minutes. It is open 24 hours and the price is 29 TL per day.

Park & ​​Go : It is useful to check that it is open before you go. It stopped serving during the pandemic period. Location

Check Out: It is approximately 20 minutes away. Reliable and open 24/7. The daily fee is 25 TL. It's a good idea to check that it's open before you go. It stopped serving during the pandemic period. Location

Hava İs Park: You can get service from this parking lot for 20 TL per day. It's a good idea to check if it's open before you go. Suspended service during the pandemic period Location

24/7 Air Park: It serves 30 TL per day. It's a good idea to check if it's open before you go. It stopped serving during the pandemic period. Location

Istanbul Airport Flight Data

Istanbul Airport is the main base of THY. Besides, it is used by more than 200 airlines. While there are flights to 45 centers on domestic lines, there are flights to 110 countries and 249 different centers on international lines.

Istanbul Airport Flight Screen

Istanbul Airport Passenger statistics


Domestic lines

External lines










2020 (end of October)




Istanbul Airport Car Rental Data

You can find the data we have compiled from the car rentals made through Otorento in the last 1 year at Istanbul Airport in the table below. Average rental days is 4.7 days.

The Cheapest Car Rented

Renault Symbol

85 TL

The Most Expensive Car Rented

Mercedes Vito

850 TL

Most Popular Vehicle

Fiat Egea

110 TL

Istanbul Airport Corona and Health Measures

It is mandatory to wear a mask inside the terminal and aircraft. Unmasked passengers are not accepted to terminals and planes.

Terminals are closed to the entrance of the companions. Only passengers and accompanying children, elderly and disabled passengers, who are required to carry a companion, are accepted at the terminal.

Contactless transactions are made in places where security control is carried out.

Body temperature measurements at terminal entrances are made with automatic cameras.

All luggage is disinfected with UV rays while passing through X-ray devices.

Hand disinfectants can be used frequently in every part of the terminal.

The terminal building and all the moving walkways are regularly disinfected with UV rays.

Fresh air is supplied to the terminal continuously.

There are various opportunities for health and beauty in Istanbul airport.

There are pharmacies providing 24-hour service, SPA centers offering massage services, hairdressers providing haircut and beauty services.

There are 5 mobile health stations in the airport. In addition, 5 emergency ambulances are always ready for service. In addition, in case of any health problems, you can call the emergency medical call center at 444 14 42. There are 23 devices called defibrillators, which are not very common in airports, in different parts of the airport. Patients who have had a heart attack benefit from these devices.

There is a 24-hour Coronavirus PCR test center on the arrivals floor of the airport. If you want, you can buy test service from this center. You can get your results in print or online.

Melike Sultan is on the land side of the international arrivals floor, there is an International Pharmacy on the outgoing passenger floor, and an International Pharmacy on the international flights.

Airlines Flying to Istanbul Airport

Onur Air, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Belavia, Gulf Air and hundreds of airlines.

Istanbul Airport Accommodation Alternatives

In addition, a hotel named Yotel, which serves as the Airport Hotel, with 451 cabins, provides service within the airport. Of the hotel rooms, 277 are located on the land side and 174 on the air side. Regardless of whether there are passengers on the land side, everyone can stay, while on the air side only people who will pass through passport control can stay.

Because the hotel is located inside the airport, it is close to passport control points, and cabin reservations can be made in less than four hours, it offers an ideal option for passengers traveling long distances and transferring from Istanbul airport.

To make a reservation at YOtel, you can send an e-mail to or +902129426666.

There are accommodation alternatives other than the hotel at Istanbul Airport. With the service called IGA Sleepod, you can have a short rest in the airport. You can benefit from Sleepods located at the quietest points of the airport by paying the fees in the table below.

IGA Sleepod

Price (Including VAT)

Cabin Price / Time (07:00-19:00)

€ 6

​Cabin Price / Time (19:00-07:00)

€ 9

Additional Services (Blanket, Pillow, Pillow Cover)

€ 2

What is IGA Pass and What Does It Do?

As an IGA Pass member, you can enjoy some special services at Istanbul Airport free of charge and some services with discounts of up to 30%. Especially if you use Istanbul Airport frequently, you can benefit from its privileges as an IGA Pass member.

IGA Pass Options and Prices
IGA Pass Plus IGA Pass Extra IGA Pass Premium
Quick Switch (+1 Guest) Quick Switch (+1 Guest) Quick Switch (+2 Guests)
Priority Check-in (+1 Guest ) Priority Check-in (+1 Guest ) Priority Check-in (+2 Guests )
Lounge (+1 Guest) Lounge (+1 Guest) Lounge (+2 Guests)
Buggy (+1 Guest) Buggy (+1 Guest) Buggy (+2 Guests)
Valet & Parking (30 Days) Valet & Parking Lot (90 Days)
City Transfer (10 Times)
€299.00+VAT €399.00+VAT €799.00+VAT

In addition, IGA Pass can be purchased daily for 40.00 €+VAT for adults and (20 EUR + VAT) for children.

IGA Lounge

You can have a pleasant time at the airport thanks to the IGA Lounges located on the domestic and international departure floors. Within the scope of Covid-10, the surfaces that are touched in all Lounges are specially disinfected. A contactless service is offered to avoid any contact. It is possible to benefit from the services via a contactless credit card or an SMS link sent to the mobile phone.

Fees: Adult 50 EUR, Child 25 EUR, Baby free of charge.

IGA Meet & Greet

You can benefit from the IGA Meet & Greet service, which means a special welcome and farewell service at Istanbul Airport, for a fee. Within the scope of this service, welcome with flowers, taking luggage and transfers are provided. Within the scope of this service, it is possible to benefit from Fast Pass, Priority check-in, Lounge and personalized buggy facilities.

Outbound Passenger International Line

Welcome at the airport entrance by a special assistant

Porter service

Priority Check-in (with partner airlines)

Using iGA Fast Track

Using the iGA Lounge

Personally allocated Buggy service

Accompanying you to the flight gate with a special assistant

Fees: Adult 76 EUR, Child 38 EUR and Baby free of charge.

In addition, in this period when many countries started to require PCR tests, it is possible to perform PCR tests quickly without the need to wait in line, for a service fee of 105 EUR for outgoing passengers and 155 EUR for transfer passengers, thanks to the İGA Meet & Greet Health service. >

IGA Buggy

You may have come across people traveling with cute little cars inside the airport. Those vehicles are called Buggy. You can also request this service to accompany you inside the airport to the plane. Buggys have a capacity of 3 and 5 people. It is possible to travel by purchasing the service through the İGA mobile application and scanning the QR code.

Buggy service is provided free of charge for the following passengers.

IGA Pass members

Guests over 65 years of age

Families with children aged 0-2

Pregnant guests

Fees: Adult 5 EUR, Child 2 EUR and Baby free of charge.

IGA Fast Track

If you think you will have a problem catching the plane, if the airport is very crowded at your time, you can take advantage of the İGA Fast Track service. It is possible to benefit from this service in Domestic and International Lines.

Security points at terminal entrance gates 1, 3 and 7 for outgoing passengers

Passport control points located on the international arrivals, international departures and transfer floors

In order to benefit from the Fast Track service, it is sufficient to have one of the IGA Pass membership packages. You can visit the IGA Pass packages page to review the details of our membership packages.

Istanbul Airport Runways and Air Traffic Control Tower


The size of the main terminal building is 1.3 million m2. The terminal building, which received the international LEED certificate in 2020, is the largest building in the world to have this certificate.


There are 6 runways with a length of 3.5-4 km, suitable for landing and takeoff of large aircraft such as the A380 and Boeing 747-800. Especially the taxi area is very large and the taxi time is usually longer compared to other airports. It is among the largest taxi runways in the world in the taxiway area, which is 3.5 km long and 45 meters wide.

Air traffic control tower

The tulip figured control tower, which has become the symbol of Istanbul Airport, has 17 floors. This tower, which dazzles with its architectural features, is also the owner of the International Architecture Award in 2016.

Istanbul Airport Cargo Services

Istanbul Airport, which is very close to Europe, the Middle East, Northern and Eastern Europe due to its geographical location, is an important center in terms of cargo transportation. The Cargo Center, with an area of ​​1.4 million square meters, consists of bonded and duty-free storage areas. With the parking centers located in front of the warehouse areas and the potential for 30 aircraft to dock at the same time, it enables domestic and foreign cargo transportation companies to easily unload and load without being affected by passenger traffic. There is also a large and small car park of 4,500 vehicles in the cargo area.

Istanbul Airport Duty Free and Luxury Shopping Stores

Istanbul Airport has a Duty Free area with many famous brands and stores on an area of ​​53.000 square meters. There are many luxury and retail stores for shopping at the airport, which is like a giant shopping center.

The airport is designed to meet all expectations from a shopping center with its fashionable clothing stores, stores appealing to luxury consumption such as jewelry, accessories and watches, and shops where toys or computers can be purchased.

There is a giant classic duty-free shop with a size of 34,000 square meters at the airport, where many distinguished brands are located. The variety and prices of widely consumed products such as liquor, chocolate and cigarettes can take you away from you. The size of the Duty Free zone has been divided into several categories and has been designed so that passengers can easily find what they are looking for. In the Duty Free zone, there are 9 sections with different concepts such as Fashion Garden, Family Palace, High & Lux Hills, Style Beach. There are brands compatible with that concept in each region.

It is possible to place your order online before you arrive at the airport. If you place your order online at, you can find your products ready at the airport without wasting time.

Banks and ATMs

At Istanbul Airport, branches and ATMs of different banks serve passengers in a total of 4 areas. You can find Denizbank, Halkbank, TEB, Türkiye İş Bankası, Vakıfbank, Yapı Kredi, Garanti, QNB Finansbank, Ziraat Bank ATMs in the terminal.

Places of Worship

There are 44 small and large mosques at Istanbul airport. You can pray or pray in these masjids, which serve separately for men and women. In addition, 6230 people can pray at the same time with the large mosque located on an area of ​​8070 square meters.

Lost and Found

If you lose any of your belongings at the airport, you can get support from the Airport Loss and Find Office. As soon as any item is found, it is taken to this office. You can find out the location of the office in the terminal from the information offices.

General Passenger Services

Sleeping Booth

If you want to rest inside the airport, you can take advantage of the sleeping cabins located in quiet areas.

Arrivals Welcome Area

Istanbul Airport has created a passenger reception area on the arrivals floor of the International Terminal in order to prevent the chaos in passenger reception. You can meet your passengers in this area. It is free for individuals to greet passengers, and for companies to greet passengers.

Safety Luggage Point

A safe deposit box has been created at the airport so that you don't need to carry your luggage with you. In this area, you can leave your luggage in the safe and easily travel around the airport.

Luggage Wrapping Point

In case your luggage contains fragile items or is sensitive to external damage, you can get service from the luggage wrapping point.

Istanbul Airport Rental Car Price List

Popular Destinations

Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanıİstanbul Havalimanıİzmir HavalimanıAntalya Havalimanı

Nearest Locations






Istanbul Airport Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

The average rental price for Istanbul Airport days is 471 TL.

Istanbul Airport monthly rental car price is the lowest 11775 TL.

Istanbul Airport annual rental car prices cost an average of 153075 TL.

Istanbul Airport annual rental car prices cost an average of Citroen Elysee, Fiat Fiorino, Fiat Egea, Renault Clio, Ford Tourneo Courier, TL.

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Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. Pembe Köşk Apt. No:246/5 A Blok Göztepe / İstanbul

444 30 09

Rent a Car


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Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cad. Pembe Köşk Apt. No:246/5 A Blok Göztepe / İstanbul

444 30 09


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